Stealing Time: How Technology Can Hurt or Harm Our Inner State

The promise of modern technology has always been: use it and you’ll have more time for the important stuff in your life. As it turned out, it’s quite the opposite. There’re a lot of socioeconomic reasons for this development but, to some degree, it’s caused by the way digital services today are designed from the very beginning. Those services are stealing time by design, tricking us into thinking the stuff we do on there is somehow important.

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Enterprise Software Sucks

When asking people about printing there’s one common ground – namely, that it sucks. This sentiment comes from the experience with connecting printers with the devices to print, and the act of printing itself with a plethora of print settings to chose from.

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Using <kbd> for Fun and Profit

There’s this HTML element meant for marking up keyboard keys named <kbd>. Obviously it can be styled with CSS so why not use it to make those elements look a bit more like hardware or the iOS and Android software keys.

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