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Awesome parallax optical illusion: Make a horse move

As you may know there’s a nice parallax effect implemented on this website. Just resize your browser window and you can see the black polaroids in my header flying on different layers.


As I stated in an earlier post there is already some usage for it around the web while this effect seems to be first used by the guys from Silverback. If you don’t know what this effect is about head over to thinkvitamin to get to know what it is and how you can achieve it.

But now Marco Kuiper from marcofolio.net adds another usage for it. He created a cool optical illusion with just plain css/html and some pictures. You can see a demo of this effect in action on Marco’s website. Head over to the demo and resize your browser window. You should articulate something like “whoooot!” now. Marco has written some words about it too and you can download the demo. He has also done a nice tutorial how to achieve this optical illusion. Very cool!

(Via CSS-Tricks)


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