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Delibar Interface Replacement Icons

Delibar from Shiny Frog is a delicious.com desktop client for OS X which sits in your menubar and gives you quick access to your bookmarks on delicious.

Delibar Interface Replacement Icons

But the default menubar icon and the other interface icons look quite disturbing so I’ve made these simple replacement icons for the Delibar interface.

Please Note: Shinyfrog released a refreshed version of Delibar which sports a nice and completely different UI. So using these icons here along with this new version is probably no good idea.


Just head over to my Goodies page or click the following download button and grab these replacement icons.


Icon Usage

We’re going to replace the default app resources so you should do a backup of the Delibar app or just download a fresh copy from Shiny Frog if anything goes wrong or looks weird.

  1. Close Delibar if it’s running
  2. Ctrl + click or right-click on the Delibar app in your Applications folder and choose Show Package Contents
  3. In the opened Finder window browse to Contents > Resources
  4. Drag the contents of the Icon Resources folder from the download package into this place, replacing the current files
  5. Start Delibar and enjoy!

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