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New all-in-one Aperture plug-in released

Today Human Software released an exciting image editing plug-in for Apple’s Aperture. It’s called ApertureEdit and according to Human Software it offers more than 4000 professional effects which you can achieve right within Aperture.


The ApertureEdit plug-in is a bundle of 11 different modules for denoising, lens fixing, framing, light effects and many more. All effects can be applied to one image at a time or to a whole set of images at once. Just head over to the product page to see all effects and features this plugin bundle is capable of.

The whole bundle will cost you US$ 299.95 and it’s available now from Human Software’s Online Shop. But you can buy just one single plug-in too which will cost you US$ 69.95 for each. There’s a trial version available too and if you don’t want to mail Human Software for the trial version you can download it from MacUpdate.

If you’re interested in all the other Aperture 2.1 image editing plug-ins, feel free to have a look at my article First overview: Aperture 2.1 adjustment plugins have arrived.


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