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New Aperture Plug-Ins: Jade And PTLens

Last week two new image editing plug-ins were announced for Aperture 2.1: The PTLens plug-in for correcting barrel distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberration, and perspective and the Jade plug-in for automatic correction of color, levels and exposure.


The PTLens plug-in from ePaperPress was available as a Photoshop plug-in in the past and is well known for its lens pincushion, barrel distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberration, and perspective correction abilities based on a lens model database similiar to Kekus’ LensFix CI plug-in.

While I love the plug-ins ability to correct perspectives the Aperture plug-in doesn’t work with RAW files(!), just with tiff and jpeg files which is one more way to compromise the way Aperture works (In my opinion the whole plug-in architecture of Aperture does that). And while I would love to show you the plug-ins user interface in Aperture PTLens refused to open either JPEG or TIFF files. So here’s just a screenshot of the standalone application:


So to me the PTLens plug-in for Aperture isn’t finished yet. But you can download a trial version from the plug-ins website.

The second plug-in recently released is the Jade plug-in from Datamind. Because of its speed also on consumer Macs, Aperture 2 became popular among amateur photographers too. Datamind targets it’s first Aperture plug-in Jade at this group. The former standalone application for Mac and Windows is now an Aperture adjustment plug-in for correcting your pictures colors, levels and exposure automatically with Dataminds own algorithm. And its user interface is very clean and uncluttered:

Jade UI

While I have to say Jade produces very reasonable results it lacks a lot of controls and fails with complicated pictures where Aperture’s adjustment controls wouldn’t. So I would say this plug-in would be better as an iPhoto plug-in. Do you really want a blown up photoshop or tiff file for every photo you’re going to correct in Aperture?

Nevertheless you can download a trial version of the plug-in from Dataminds website and you would have to pay either 19.99€ for home use or 49.99€ for Pro use. You can have alook at Dataminds very interesting explanation o the different license models.

Interested in more Aperture plug-ins? Just have a look at my article First overview: Aperture 2.1 adjustment plugins have arrived to get an overview about what’s available at the moment.


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