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Niépce's Camera Obscura Wallpaper Pack

In addition to my Niépce’s Camera Obscura icons for Aperture and iPhoto I have made some Wallpapers containing both icons.

Niépce's Camera Obscura Wallpaper Pack

All Wallpapers are using a custom designed background which imitates the look of a metal plate like it was used in Niépce’s experiments although it wasn’t golden. To make it more Mac style I have added a stenciled dots pattern (which is a commonly used reference to the front design of the MacPro).

Download Niépce's Camera Obscura Wallpaper

Here are the details:

  • Aperture and iPhoto styled Camera Obscura as it was used by Nicéphore Niépce.
  • Including one desktop version with the Aperture styled Camera Obscura and one with the iPhoto styled. Both come in 1920x1200 for widescreen displays and 1600x1200 for normal displays
  • Including 2 different crops for the iPhone (480x320).

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