The Definite Guide to Watermarks in Apple Aperture

The Definite Guide To Watermarks In Apple Aperture

I received quite a few mails in the last days from Aperture users asking for the best way to add your copyright information or any other so called watermark to your images in an Aperture 2 workflow. Especially new users to Aperture find it quite confusing why there isn’t something like a text brick in the Adjustments panel. So Aperture itself lacks the ability of quickly adding some lines of text to your images but nevertheless it has a watermarking feature.

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HowTo: Create a Mobile Encrypted Aperture Vault

Niepce's Aperture VaultWhen on the road I always take a little mobile hard drive with me where all my referenced Aperture Masters from the past years and my mobile Aperture Vault (backing up the un-referenced Masters from the current year) reside. But being little and mobile also means the external hard drive can easily be lost or stolen exposing all my pictures to the thief. To avoid that you can use encryption so in the case of a lost or theft the data is not accessible by the thief. This can easily be done with sparse bundle disk images so you won’t have to encrypt the whole hard drive with additional software.

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New Aperture Plug-In: Nik Announces Silver Efex Pro

imageBeside a new version of Color Efex Pro for Capture NX, Nik announced a brand new plug-in for Photoshop and Aperture. Silver Efex Pro is a tool to create black & white images with the power and simplicity of the U-Point technology. You can easily fine tune portions of your black & white images. It’s also capable of emulating film grain and 18 different types of film while also providing 20 one-click preset styles. But Silver Efex Pro is also capable of color toning the image.

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New Aperture Plug-Ins: Jade and PTLens

Last week two new image editing plug-ins were announced for Aperture 2.1: The PTLens plug-in for correcting barrel distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberration, and perspective and the Jade plug-in for automatic correction of color, levels and exposure.

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New Canon Stuff: Digital Rebel XS/EOS 1000D/Kiss F and Speedlite 430EX II Announced

Digital Rebel XS/EOS 1000D After the latest Digital Photo Professional update (DPP revealed some evidence about an upcoming Canon EOS Rebel XS/1000D, Canon finally introduced this new entry-level DSLR this month. The EOS Digital Rebel XS/1000D/Kiss F (full product specifications) is technically a hybrid between hardware and features found in Canon’s entry-level cameras from the past: the 7-point autofocus system comes from the XT/350D, the Digic III processor is the same as in the XSi/450D and the Live View feature is implemented with the same features as found in the XSi/450D.

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Niépce's Camera Obscura and the History of the First Photograph

Niépce's Camera Obscura And The History Of The First Photograph

These two desktop icons show the Camera Obscura as it was used by Nicéphore Niépce in an Aperture and iPhoto style and are intended as an homage to him. Nicéphore Niépce made it first possible to preserve an image taken with a camera obscura in 1826 or 1827 by using a special mixture of bitumen on a pewter plate, naming it Heliography. This first preserved photograph View from the Window at Le Gras is the one you can see in the iPhoto icon contained in this package. The third icon is the folder icon I have created for this icon package.

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Update: First Overview: Aperture 2.1 Adjustment Plugins Have Arrived

ApertureWith the release of Aperture 2.1 Apple introduced a plugin architecture for adding third party image adjustment and export plugins. Now the first third party image adjustment plugins for Aperture 2.1 have arrived. And they can definitely make you stop roundtripping your pictures to Photoshop and back. For now a total of 14 plugins from 9 companys were announced which are waiting to help you with your Aperture 2 workflow.

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The 15 Best New Features of Aperture 2

The 15 best new features of Aperture 2

There are already some lists like this available on the web and they are always very subjective so I thought I should add my subjective list too. While Aperture was released I was coding this website and had not much time for writing about it. So although a bit late here is my absolutely biased list of my favorite 15 new features included in Apple’s Aperture since version 2.0. It’s in a nice countdown order ending with the best new feature (to me) at the bottom. Just click on the little screenshots to smoothly zoom to the full version of them.

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HowTo: Use High-quality Watermarks in Your Images With Aperture 2.1

HowTo: Use high-quality watermarks in your images with Aperture 2.1

Since version 1.0 Aperture is able to render images on export with a graphic overlay on top of them called watermark. This feature of Apple’s Aperture can give you a chance to make stealing your web-published pictures a bit harder. So let’s see how we can make Aperture automatically render watermarks on our images during export. In this article we will make a watermark with a transparent background and add some text on top of it.

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Scan Images Directly Into Apple Aperture

Aperture ScanningWouldn’t that be great? Hook up your scanner, fire up Aperture, click on Import and the images coming directly from your scanner plate? Although my scanner is shown as a source in the import dialogue you can’t import images with it directly from Aperture. But using Preview/Image Capture and Automator you can bypass this limitation. So here’s what you can do to scan directly into Aperture in 3 simple steps.

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Apple Releases plugin-SDK for Aperture 2.1

ApertureJust right after Tiffen and Digital Film Tools announced their new image editing plugins for Aperture 2.1 Apple has released the Software Development Kit (SDK) for coding Aperture 2.1 plugins. It’s available from Apple’s Developer Connection for registered members (registering is free). You can grab the Aperture 2.1 plugin-SDK (3D9) as a 595KB download from there and start coding. If you want to know what exactly you can do with it as a programmer you should read those lines from Apple.

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London Police Afraid of Photographers

Thousands of people take photos every day. What if one of them seems odd? Terrorists use surveillance to help plan attacks, taking photos and making notes about security measures like the location of CCTV cameras. If you see someone doing that, we need to know. Let experienced officers decide what action to take.

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Finally. .. a Universal Scanner Driver for the Canon CanoScan LiDE 500F for Intel Macs

At the end of last year I watched out for a new scanner and the CanoScan LiDE 500f from Canon was the choice. But finding a suitable driver wasn’t that simple cause everywhere around was only the horribly old PowerPC-driver. As long as I had my old G4 in the house it wasn’t that problem. But at this time all Macs were already Intel-powered and also my new MacBook which replaced the G4 was Intel-Powered and i had a problem.

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Adjustment Tool Guide for Aperture 1.5.2

The Adjustment Tool Guide gives an in-depth-view of the Adjustment tool in Aperture. The documentary provided by Apple isn’t that what most people were looking for. But Kendall Gelner wrote his own Adjustment Tools Guide originally for the Aperture Version 1.0.1.

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