CSS App Store Badges

The badges provided by all app store providers just don’t play well together with their varying typography and different sizing. So let’s make them all visually unified, infinitely scalable, with pure text for easier localization and some web interaction styles. And while we’re at it: different sizes with the same markup by using some modifier classes.

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Using <kbd> for fun and profit

There’s this HTML element meant for marking up keyboard keys named <kbd>. Obviously it can be styled with CSS so why not use it to make those elements look a bit more like hardware or the iOS and Android software keys.

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Awesome parallax optical illusion: Make a horse move

Parallax As you may know there’s a nice parallax effect implemented on this website. Just resize your browser window and you can see the black polaroids in my header flying on different layers. As I stated in an earlier post there is already some usage for it around the web while this effect seems to be first used by the guys from Silverback. If you don’t know what this effect is about head over to thinkvitamin to get to know what it is and how you can achieve it.

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WebKit team introduces CSS-based gradients


Writing right now on a longer article about text-shadow and it’s implementation in WebKit, the rendering engine which powers Safari and Konqueror. But now this exciting news popped up from Surfin’ Safari, the blog of the WebKit development team:

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