Stealing Time: How Technology Can Hurt or Harm Our Inner State

The promise of modern technology has always been: use it and you’ll have more time for the important stuff in your life. As it turned out, it’s quite the opposite. There’re a lot of socioeconomic reasons for this development but, to some degree, it’s caused by the way digital services today are designed from the very beginning. Those services are stealing time by design, tricking us into thinking the stuff we do on there is somehow important.

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Enterprise Software Sucks

When asking people about printing there’s one common ground – namely, that it sucks. This sentiment comes from the experience with connecting printers with the devices to print, and the act of printing itself with a plethora of print settings to chose from.

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Create, differentiate, iterate – 10 pro tips on relaunching your startup website


Was one of the people interviewed by Charmaine Li from VentureVillage about relaunching a startup’s website where I talk a bit about ezeep’s relaunch.

In there, Christian Hanke from Edenspiekermann makes a good point. A web site is so much more than just a showcase of products:

In the early stages, entrepreneurs are likely to be more focused on building and refining a product rather than developing a brand identity. But as a startup begins to scale, taking a longer-term brand approach – which involves thinking in broader terms than just the product itself – is an important part of enabling product extensions and expansion to new markets, says Hanke.

I'm joining ezeep

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be joining the wonderful Berlin based startup ezeep as their new designer. I already had the chance to work with some very talented folks from the ezeep team and I can’t wait to see what awesome stuff we’ll come up with together.

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