We Are Out Of Whale Oil

Simple, high-resolution Futurama tribute wallpaper pack inspired by the latest Futurama movie Into The Wild Green Yonder. This pack includes 4 versions of the Planet Express ship whale oil indicator in 2 different sizes for desktop and iPhone use. Vivid pink Feminista versions included too.

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The Mac in Futurama

Time for some Mac Futurama crossover geekiness! In a fun watching process I’ve compiled a list of all the references to Apple’s Macintosh and other Apple products. In Futurama we mainly see references to the old, classic Macs running System 6, System 7 or OS 9 ending with the colorful iMac G3. This is likely caused by the timeframe in which Matt Groening and David X. Cohen developed the first season of Futurama (1997-1999).

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Futurama Mars University Wallpaper

Show your geeky love for extraterrestrial universities! This is a simple Futurama tribute wallpaper displaying the logo of the Mars University as seen in the first season (1ACV11/S02E02). But I’ve modified it a bit to get it out of the 2D. Including one high-resolution desktop version for widescreen displays (2560x1600) and one iPhone version (320x480).

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