Responsive Images and Web Standards at the Turning Point


Good overview about the patterns currently being discussed:

Recently, all of the ongoing discussion around responsive images just got real: a solution is currently being discussed with the WHATWG. And we’re in the thick of it now: we’re throwing around references to picture and img set; […]

The markup pattern that gets selected stands to have a tremendous influence on how developers build websites in the future. Not just responsive or adaptive websites, either. All websites.

Naturally I’m in the picture camp, this just makes most sense to me.

Nielsen vs Clark – they're both wrong


Great middle ground arguments from Jason Mark in this recent controversy about mobile web experiences:

The truth is when working on mobile you should always look at the site analytics and make smart decisions based on what you find. If you find that your mobile users use the site in a significantly different way than desktop users, check out Nielsen’s guidelines and see which apply to you. And if you find that your mobile users are accessing the same content as desktop users then consider a responsive design.