Create, differentiate, iterate – 10 pro tips on relaunching your startup website


Was one of the people interviewed by Charmaine Li from VentureVillage about relaunching a startup’s website where I talk a bit about ezeep’s relaunch.

In there, Christian Hanke from Edenspiekermann makes a good point. A web site is so much more than just a showcase of products:

In the early stages, entrepreneurs are likely to be more focused on building and refining a product rather than developing a brand identity. But as a startup begins to scale, taking a longer-term brand approach – which involves thinking in broader terms than just the product itself – is an important part of enabling product extensions and expansion to new markets, says Hanke.

I'm joining ezeep

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be joining the wonderful Berlin based startup ezeep as their new designer. I already had the chance to work with some very talented folks from the ezeep team and I can’t wait to see what awesome stuff we’ll come up with together.

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Portal Thingy: matthiaskretschmann.com

Just some self reference here. I’ve launched a slick new site under matthiaskretschmann.com today which has an absolute simple concept. It’s kind of a digital business card site for being digitally present under my name. Beside that it has Links to my social media stuff so it’s easier for you to stalk me. In the 90’s we probably would have called it a Portal.

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Enjoy Kremalicious{iPhone}

kremaliciousiphone thumb I’m thrilled to announce that kremalicious.com now uses an iPhone optimized theme. When you browse this website with your iPhone everything will automagically switch to the new kremalicious iPhone theme which is simply called kremalicious{iPhone}. See those hip brackets?

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