WordPress Admin Icons Template

Here’s a template for designing your own icons for the admin area of WordPress including icons ready for Retina screens and some recommendations for the workflow of implementing these.

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Ultimate Share Link Bonanza For Coda, Wordpress And Everything Else

Coda Clips Teaser Ever wanted to include those sharing links to social or bookmarking sites so users can easily submit your content to these sites in a Wordpress site or any other platform? Then you might have experienced a rather time consuming search odyssey to get those links. But fear no more! In this article I’ve provided a huge collection of all the links to your favorite social sites compiled in two handy Coda Clip files in a plain and a Wordpress version. And the non-Coda users can download an html file with all the links included.

Additionally you’ll find a huge list within this article with the separated links in two versions for each site. And finally I’ve put together a quick tutorial for using buttons or icons with these links. This way you can easily add content submit/sharing links to your sites in no time.

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HowTo: Styling Author Comments With Wordpress 2.7+

Wordpress Logo by kremalicious Since my update to Wordpress 2.7 I’m pretty much into all the new comments stuff. As I’ve written before, the comment functionality changed dramatically with Wordpress 2.7. This makes writing a comments template much easier but if you used Worpress prior to 2.7 you have to change some things to work again. Beside other things this includes Gravatar styling and also adding different styling to comments from the author of an article. In this article I will show you how to realize the latter with Wordpress 2.7 and above.

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HowTo: Set A Custom Gravatar Image In Wordpress 2.7+

Wordpress Logo by kremalicious Sure enough I’ve upgraded immediately when Wordpress 2.7 was released. Among all the other things that changed in this new version the comments functions got a massive overhaul. But the new comment loop with the new function <?php wp_list_comments(); ?> lacks the ability to quickly set a custom default gravatar or avatar image. But with some help of the functions.php file we can set the default gravatar image in the Discussion settings in the Wordpress backend.

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Wordpress 2.5+: Get Rid of That Sluggish Dashboard

Wordpress Logo by kremalicious Since Wordpress 2.5 it was nearly impossible for me to log into Wordpress and quickly head over to the write tab. The Dashboard always wants to load a bunch of things in it but this always seemed to fail in my setup and slow things down. And not enough the Dashboard just locks everything up while loading which can take more than one minute.

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Enjoy Kremalicious{iPhone}

kremaliciousiphone thumb I’m thrilled to announce that kremalicious.com now uses an iPhone optimized theme. When you browse this website with your iPhone everything will automagically switch to the new kremalicious iPhone theme which is simply called kremalicious{iPhone}. See those hip brackets?

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